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MoriX Wallet Card, a fingerprint authentication card for managing crypto assets, now available on Am

Q: What are the features of the MoriX Wallet Card?

A: The biggest feature of our product is that it is an IC card type wallet with a fingerprint sensor, which greatly reduces the risk of unauthorized use by a third party. There are two types of wallets for storing cryptographic assets: those that are connected to the network and those that are not, and our product is the latter. Since the emergence of Bitcoin, cryptographic assets have attracted a great deal of attention and the market continues to grow. In Japan, many exchange companies have emerged, and not only Bitcoin but also a wide variety of other cryptographic assets are being actively traded.

 However, this rapidly-growing market is also revealing some concerns. One of them is the security of crypto assets. While it is convenient to buy and sell a variety of crypto assets on the network, there has been a series of cyber-attacks targeting the vulnerability of the network. In Japan, there have been incidents of crypto assets being stolen on a scale of billions of yen, and exchange companies are working to strengthen their security measures. Individuals also need to take measures to protect their assets.

 MoriX Wallet Card is a combination of a hardware wallet and a fingerprint authentication system that is isolated from the network, enhancing its robustness. The IC card-type wallet matches your fingerprint with the pre-registered fingerprint to enable various functions. We have achieved a level of authentication accuracy that can be used for credit cards and other financial IC cards, and the probability of misidentification is about 1 in 80,000. The fingerprint information itself is also encrypted and stored in the card, so the information will not be leaked online.

 Connects smartphone, PC, and wallet for a variety of functions

How to send and receive crypto assets

Q: More details on how to use?

A: The Wallet can be easily used with a dedicated application on your smartphone or computer. You can connect your smartphone to your wallet via Bluetooth or connect your computer to your wallet via USB. Fingerprint registration is also easy, just follow the app's instructions and place your finger on the IC card a dozen times. You can easily check on the app that you have registered correctly.

 Sending and receiving crypto assets is also made easy. To receive a crypto asset, send the QR code generated by the wallet to the sender of the crypto asset. When sending crypto assets, the user enters the recipient's address and amount on the app, and fingerprint authentication is required on the wallet to execute the transfer. Without the authentication, the transfer will not be executed. Even if the wallet is stolen by someone else, there is no need to worry about unauthorized transfer. The wallet can also be used as a stand-alone device, with functions such as showing the balance of crypto assets held.

Q: What types of crypto assets are supported?

A: Currently, we support seven types of crypto assets: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Dash. We are planning to expand our support to other crypto assets in the future.

Q: When did you start developing the fingerprint authentication system?

A: Our company was established in 2005. We have been researching and developing fingerprint sensors and authentication algorithms for more than a decade since the days of our predecessor company. We started developing the current form of fingerprint sensor mounted on IC cards more than 10 years ago and succeeded in developing a product a few years ago. Our latest products support both contact and contactless methods for authenticating IC cards. By leveraging fingerprint authentication technology, we hope to help realize a safe and secure society while protecting personal information.

Q: Biometric technology is spreading in society. What is the advantage of fingerprint authentication over other methods?

A: Many office buildings are already equipped with fingerprint authentication. Many products in society currently apply the same method, such as Apple's iPhone. And users' resistance to the use of fingerprints is decreasing. There are also other biometric authentication technologies that use the face, voice, palm (palm print), and eyes (iris), and I believe that each of these will spread in areas where they can demonstrate their advantages.


Q: What are the future product developments at MoriX?

A: The mainstay of our business is IC card type products. For example, more than 10 billion credit cards, which are indispensable for daily life, have been issued worldwide and China's UnionPay card alone is said to have more than 7 billion. In Japan, nearly 300 million cards have been issued, or 2-3 cards per person. The transaction amount by cards has exceeded 70 trillion yen and is predicted to exceed 100 trillion yen in a few years, fueled by the wave of cashless transactions. Cards have "permeated" every aspect of our lives, such as cash cards, employee ID cards, membership cards, insurance cards, and my number cards.

Q: What will change by introducing "fingerprint authentication" to IC cards?

A: It can dramatically increase the security of your card. When used as a credit card, it eliminates the need to enter a four-digit PIN and does not require a signature. Most importantly, when you lose your card, you don't have to call your credit card company to cancel the card. With our fingerprint authentication card, your card will only be "on" when you place your fingerprint on it, allowing you to make a payment. Removing your finger will turn it "off" and make it impossible for others to impersonate you. In addition, the fingerprint information is encrypted and stored on the card and will never be uploaded to the cloud.

 When used as an employee ID card, it provides a reliable environment for identification in situations where authentication is required, such as when entering or leaving a room or logging in to a PC. Companies, government agencies, and municipalities can increase their security by simply replacing their existing IC cards with Morix cards. The card will be turned on and authenticated only when the cardholder places his or her finger on it. Since there is no need to make any major changes to the customer's existing authentication system, a highly secure fingerprint-based authentication system can be introduced simply by replacing the card.


 One of the strengths of Morix Card is that we can introduce a fingerprint authentication system without major changes to the customer's existing system. We are already planning a demonstration test for a major airline company, using our IC card for access control. Sun Music Production, a general entertainment agency, plans to conduct demonstration tests at various events. By using a Morix card as a membership card, with your fingerprint information on the card, you can greatly reduce the effort of verifying your identity at events, and also help prevent resale of tickets, which has become a social problem.

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Business: Development, manufacturing, and sales of biometric authentication systems; development, manufacturing, and sales of IC card-related equipment; development, manufacturing, and sales of semiconductor products; and other operations related to the above

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