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"Fingerprint authentication" IC cards for managing events and member services

"Fingerprint authentication" IC cards for managing events and member services - facilitate identity verification, reduce hassle on entry and exit and prevent ticket resale.

MoriX Corporation (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Morihiko Kubota, referred to below as "MoriX"), a company that develops and sells fingerprint authentication systems, and Sun Music Productions (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Masahisa Aizawa, referred to below as "Sun Music"), a general entertainment agency, have agreed to conduct a demonstration experiment aiming to develop next-generation entertainment services using fingerprint authentication IC cards.

 Sun Music aims to develop a new way of managing concerts and other events by  employing the "MoriX Card", an IC card with fingerprint authentication function developed by MoriX. Specifically, the IC card will be used at the entrance and exit of various events, reducing the need for users to identify themselves. Users can register their fingerprint information on the IC card in advance, and then simply hold the card over the reader to complete the identification to enter/exit smoothly. As the fingerprint information is encrypted and stored on the card, there is no need to go through a server to confirm the identification, avoiding the risk of the fingerprint information being stolen by others.


Since the event operator can utilize the existing system for ticket reservation and entrance/exit, they can introduce the fingerprint authentication system without major system modification. This can greatly reduce the time and effort required to verify the identity of users entering/exiting the venue, which can lead to a reduction in staff and other event management costs. In addition, the system can reliably link the ticket to the purchaser, thus complying with the government's efforts to prohibit the unauthorized resale of tickets.


(Reference: Law for the Prohibition of Unauthorized Resale of Tickets, enforced on June 14, 2019)

The Agency for Cultural Affairs

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MoriX Card Overview

No image data of the fingerprint itself is recorded. The features of the fingerprint are encrypted based on a proprietary algorithm.
The card works by placing a registered finger on it; it authenticates within a second and has an accuracy rate of over 1 in 80,000 for misidentification.
World-leading performance with power consumption of 10 mAh and sensor thickness of 0.18 mm

Meets international standards for financial cards


We are developing a payment card with fingerprint authentication for the financial sector. We are in the final stages of certification by major international card brands, and plan to start mass production of the product in the middle of 2020. In addition, we are working on joint development with other companies for the introduction of smart keys for the automotive field, cards for public institutions, and various security cards. Through these efforts, MoriX aims to sell several million cards, including payment cards, in Japan and overseas by the end of FY2020.

■Company Profile

Company Name : MoriX Corporation

Office : 9F, X-PRESS Yurakucho, 2-2-1, Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0006, Japan

Established In : August 2005

President and CEO: Morihiko Kubota

Business: Development, manufacturing, and sales of biometric authentication systems; development, manufacturing, and sales of IC card-related equipment; development, manufacturing, and sales of semiconductor products; and other operations related to the above

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